Adaptive Sailing

For 2017, the YMCA Full Circle Program is coming back. A group of clients from ASPIRO and a group of Special Olympians will be joining our program.

In 2016, GBSP had the privilege of working with YMCA's Full Circle program, which is a group of children with autism. We set the program up for success with a student, caregiver and sailing instructor on each boat. What we did not know going into that day was that the wind was going to be blowing 20 miles per hour. While the new beach was blowing away, I was nervous, our lead instructor Steve Eliasen, brought out small sails and the Hobie Wave catamarans proved to be a stable platform for the safe, educational and fun day. The students sailed, kayaked and did some paddleboarding. For students that were not comfortable with an activity, some worked on knot tieing and some built sand castles on the beach. All in all, everyone had fun.

GBSP is committed continuing to grow our network of program partners of all physical and cognitive abilities. If you know a group that may like to partner with GBSP, have them email or call 920-393-1983 or simply ask us to give them a call.