Adaptive Sailing 

GBSP’s Adaptive Intro to Sailing class is typically provisioned for one student, one caregiver, plus an instructor on each Hobie Wave Catamaran. The adaptive program generally rotates through sailing, kayaking, and paddle boarding depending on the group and the weather. While paddle boards are very popular to stand on, they can also be used to either sit on or lie down on as well. If a student is interested spending a bit more time on land, they are welcome to spend time enjoying the beach or other dry land activities. Your group can come early with their own lunch and eat lunch as a group with our instructors.

We look forward to enjoying a fun and safe day on the water with you! For those days with inclement weather, participants will enjoy a safe and fun-filled day of related activities indoors. We encourage individual challenge and growth while fostering a love for the water.
GBSP is committed continuing to grow our network of program partners of all physical and cognitive abilities. If you know a group that may like to partner with GBSP, have them email or call 920-393-1983 or simply ask us to give them a call.

  • $725 per session (Up to 16 participants + 16 caregivers)
  • Financial Assistance: There may be financial assistance available to help people with disabilities or financial need please click here to apply for financial assistance.

Click here for "Intro to Sailing" curriculum

What to bring:
  • Old tennis shoes or water shoes are required to protect participants feet.
  • A completed & signed waiver
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes
  • Water bottle full of water/ beverage
  • Snack
  • GBSP provides life jackets however, students may bring their own if they wish.

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