Would you like to sail GBSP’s Hobie’s?
  • Is buying a sailboat a bit too much of a time or financial commitment for you?
  • Do you need to build your sailing skills before you buy a boat?
  • Is it more convenient for you to enjoy the use of GBSP’s fleet at South Bay Marina?
  • Or do you just want to be a part of GBSP?
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What is included?
  • Hobie Wave usage during scheduled open sailing hours subject to conditions and availability
  • Boat usage is contingent on successful completion of a sailing test for the conditions
  • Members and guests self-certify that they can swim
  • Members and guests must have signed waivers
  • Invitation to GBSP Annual Meeting
  • Free boat usage for GBSP Hobie Wave Regatta members registered for the regatta by June 7th on June 23rd and 24th  subject to availability.
  • Members are financially responsible for damages that they cause during open sailing
Open Sailing Hours

Weekends June 16th to August 19th (no open sailing the weekend of June 23rd)
  • Saturday’s Noon - 8:00 PM
  • Sunday’s Noon - 6:00 PM
Additional hours may be available during holidays and special events depending on the number of memberships sold.

Boat Reservations
  • You can make a reservation up to 8 days prior to the weekend two-hour time slots that you would like to reserve.
Testing Schedule (see testing evaluation form for details)
  • Group Testing Saturday’s at 1:00 PM (Must sign up on GBSP’s website in advance)
  • Costs: In Class - no charge, Group - $20, Private - $50
  • Note that the test(s) that you pass at GBSP qualifies you to only sail GBSP boats during supervised open sailing hours.
  • Those that do not pass the test are encouraged to take another group lesson at no charge, get time on the water with other qualified skippers or take private lessons.