2024 REACH Youth Engagement Grant Recipients

Sailing centers nationwide have been awarded grants to promote youth sailing through STEM and environmental education, thanks to the US Sailing Reach Initiative. These grants support non-profit sailing centers in advancing their Reach program goals and expanding STEM opportunities for local students. The Reach Initiative uses sailing as an educational platform to inspire youth, foster a love of learning, and explore STEM careers. By uniting educators, sailing instructors, engineers, and scientists, the program provides a hands-on learning experience where students can apply classroom knowledge collaboratively. Green Bay Sail & Paddle is proud to be one of ten nonprofits selected for 2024.
This initiative is supported by Rolex and US Sailing donors.
"My three children had the best time at Stem Camp, thanks to a generous scholarship donor. As a widow, I was only able to pay a small portion. We live on a small lake and a neighbor taught one of my children how to sail, which drew the interest of my other children. Because they were able to go to camp, they learned a life long skill and skills that will help save their lives. They enjoyed the peer-to-peer lessons, which I applaud. Those teens really were knowledgeable and made safety a number one priority. Just yesterday, my 14 yr. old son took his 10 yr. old sister sailing on a Hobi! Both went to camp! Thank you STEM CAMP! I hope donors will continue to give because these camps are priceless. Thank you! I hope my children can attend next summer."
- Lyne