Green Bay Sail & Paddle has assisted thousands of people become proficient in sailing and experience the waters for the first time! However, we cannot do what we do without our various sponsors. If you are looking to sponsor for the first time, we appreciate any amount you can contribute! Here’s what your donation can do:

$50 Scholarship for an individual in need – to attend an Intro to Kayaking class.
$100 Cover gas and maintenance of one of our safety boats for a week.
$300 Pay for a full scholarship to attend a STEM Camp.
$1000 A full scholarship for a sister non-profit to partner with GBSP for a session (up to 32 participants).
$5000 Update sails on Hobie Waves
$10,000+ Allow us to think bigger and plan for fleet expansion, beach improvement, etc
For more information contact us at or by phone at (920) 393-1983.

Thank You To Our Donors & Sponsors! Without you what we do for our community would not be possible.