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"I am from Minnesota. I was online searching for a gift card to a unique adventure  for my friends. It took a bit to find the right experience. 

We are a group of seven couples giving one gift. The wedding couple enjoys travel so the gift is coming in one suitcase with vintage travel items inside. Each item and the corresponding gift represents something about each couple and the journey that married life is. The real gifts are a certificates for the wedding couple to do together. There is a gift certificate to a local winery, the movies, a wall print, Menard's, the National Railroad Museum, a local escape room adventure, and your sailing experience. 

The sailing experience makes the point that in life, as in sailing, there isn't a lot of room. One of our couples has moved a lot in their time together. So their experience represents that concept. And the marriage advice is, as you pack your life, make sure you are packing what is truly important and needed. An experience like yours is a glorious way to get that across.

So your online presence is what led me to you. Keep that up. And make sure they post a comment whenever they get to turn in the certificate.

This is a great wedding gift. That's why I bought it for them. Cash is too impersonal. How much better a day together on the open water doing something new and fun that demands some teamwork from the couple. I can't wait to hear how it goes.
I hope you continue to have success in the future. It is a valuable asset for the community."
Sarah G.
"I participated as a caregiver for an into to sailing program with my 12 year old niece who has autism.  She goes to events with the autistic community and typically does not engage in activities.  When we came to Green Bay Sail & Paddle, she went straight to the water and she loved sailing.  I saw behaviors in her that I did not think she had the ability to have.  I do not know what it is about sailing, but for my niece this program was a breakthrough."
"Our family was honored to participate in the GBSP program in Green Bay again this summer.  Our first summer, we were amazed at the confidence it built in our daughter. This year she came back for the Sailing 1 & 2 classes.  The first lesson, Owen and Chris waved her over to their side, letting her know that she was one of them. Realizing she was a part of the program and that she had something to contribute to her peers built on that confidence.  Her dad decided to take the class as well. So now they have this great hobby to share but one where she gets to be in the leadership role. That doesn't come around often for a 3rd grader.  GBSP has created a space where my 9 year old knows she is welcome and that her contribution is welcome and encouraged.  Everyone in this group has always welcomed us with open arms and we cannot thank them enough for the opportunity to take part."
Francie C.
"We came out here sailing today, not really knowing what to expect. I think the kids loved it. It really had a lot of teamwork. I saw a lot of kids switching from side to side, helping each other, getting the mast down, steering.  There was a lot of friendly competitions. A few were nervous when we first got out here, and at the end they were just laughing and splashing, having a great time.  In the end, I think it's great for team building, self-esteem, some of my shyest kids were some of my best sailors."
Amy O. - Southwest H.S. Phy. Ed. Teacher
"Outdoor Adventure and learning new skills are just some of the things Girls Scouts gained by partnering with Green Bay Sail & Paddle. Girls practiced teamwork, applied STEM knowledge, and enjoyed supported risk taking. The informative, guided instruction helped manifest our mission in action as many girls exhibited courage and confidence to sail on their own! The Girl Scouts were thankful and appreciative for great instructors and are looking forward to continuing to use their new skill! Thank you Green Bay Sail & Paddle."
Karmen L. - Chief Executive Officer, Girl Scouts of Northwestern Great Lakes
"My wife and I had a wonderful time sailing with Green Bay Sail & Paddle this last season. The lessons, which were run by knowledgeable and passionate instructors, were extremely helpful since we were just beginners when we started. Plus, the sailing we were able to do on our own through their boat rental was amazingly! I think sailing is so enjoyable because by simply choosing the weather you go out in and how aggressively you sail it can be relaxing, exciting, or both!"
Matt O.
"Green Bay Sail & Paddle operated like a well-oiled machine."
Parent of Participant - Boy Scout Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
"Green Bay Sail & Paddle is bringing to life the beautiful waters and resources we have here in Green Bay, WI! The opportunities for everyone of all ages– from young children and teens to adults and parents quickly change lives and become memories forever."
Morgan J.
"Being a part of Green Bay Sail & Paddle was the most amazing part of my summer. Knowledgeable and friendly staff made learning safe, fun, and easy. Now I volunteer to share the joy.  Thanks, GBSP!"
Mary Clare V.
"We had a bunch of fun today! We learned how to recover from capsizing, how to pick up a man on board if they fell off. You got to know your partner, and it was fun talking!"
Brooke J. - participant Basic Sailing 1
"I’ve never realized what I learned in math class could be applicable to real life! I felt like the captain of a ship to conquer the waters!"
"We found out about this fun sailing opportunity via the website.  There was a ton of fun out there.  We even had a race. The best part was me and my group had the big sail, and we almost tipped. It was a lot of fun to get out there and try something new on the water!"
Colin - Southwest H.S. Phy. Ed. student
"This was the most rewarding job in my life. Working with kids from all walks of life to help them find something to give them confidence and help them grow."
"This was the best day of the Summer! I cannot believe I've never sailed before! It was so fun being on the water and making friends. GBS&P helped me make memories I'll never forget. Thank you GBS&P!"
"The kids had a blast on the water which allowed them to appreciate connecting STEM with the fun they were having. Thank you GBSP!"

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