Do you like showing off your Green Bay Sail & Paddle pride?  We sure do and now so can you!!!   

Apparel and Gifts
Neck Gaiters - $10.00 Stickers - $2.00 Patches - $2.00
In response to overwhelming requests we now have GBSP branded neck gaiters!  These neck gaiters are durable, lightweight, quick drying, and provide UV protection with a rating of 20+UPF. Stickers come in Clear & White background.  You can stick them anywhere.  We like to put them on water bottles, laptops, cars, and anything else we can think of. Are you a patch collector?  Do you need a replacement patch? Patches from 2019 & 2020 and 2021 are available. 

Burgees - $35.00 T-shirts - $10.00 Sweatshirts - $30.00
These look great hanging on your boat, your flag halyard at home, or on the wall in your office or den. Made from durable materials that will stand up to the winds while on the water. Add one of our t-shirts to your collection and help us thank our sponsors all year round.  Sponsors are on the back of our shirts and vary from year to year so get a new one each year. Are you looking for a great sweatshirt?  These super comfy sweatshirts come with our logo embroidered on the front. We are confident that you'll want more than just one.

Duffel Bags - $70.00
$60.00 without shoulder strap
 Hats - $15.00
Grab one of our recycled sail cloth bags made by local artisans today! Each bag can be customized with up to two sail numbers on them in either black or red numbers. Never lose your hat while on the water again. Our hats have a built in tether that you can clip to your shirt or life jacket.

Like what you see?  Have a list of what you would like?  Have any questions regarding any of the items above? Please contact us at or (920) 393-1983 to place your order today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.