Basic Sailing 1

This class builds upon concepts introduced in the Intro to Sailing class. Students refine their sailing skills while learning how to properly trim sails for various conditions and angles to the wind. This is a nine-hour class split into three lessons held on three consecutive days (Tue, Wed & Thur). Important safety skills taught in the class, including how to right a capsized boat and to prepare the student for sailing independently. The class is provisioned for two students per boat.

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Intro to Sailing (Preferred but not required)

$135 per person (3 classes)

Skills Taught:
  • Understanding GBSP safety rules and emergency procedures
  • Proper fitting and adjustment of a Personal Floatation Device (PDF)
  • Sail Shape
    • Adjustment of downhaul for wind conditions
    • Adjustment of batten tension for wind conditions
    • “Reading” air flow over a sail using telltales
    • Adjusting sail trim for wind conditions and wind angle
    • Managing sail shape with distractions
  • Basic safety (boat safety checklist, VHF basics)
  • Safety Skills
    • Weather and wave considerations before leaving shore
    • Man overboard drill
    • Avoiding capsize under heavy wind conditions
    • Righting a capsized boat
    • Safely enjoying sailing with others
  • Navigating on the Water
    • Right of Way rules
    • Understanding navigation buoys
    • Steering toward a point on shore
    • Navigating while sailing with others
  • Daily review of skills
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What to bring:
  • Old tennis shoes or water shoes are required to be worn at all times to protect your feet.
  • A completed & signed waiver
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimming suit
  • Towel
  • Dry clothes
  • Water bottle full of water/ beverage
  • Snack
  • We provide life jackets however, students may bring their own if they wish. (All privately owned lifejackets are subject to inspection and approval of Green Bay Sail & Paddle Staff)
South Bay Marina
101 Bay Beach Road
Green Bay, WI, 54302

The marina is at the west end of Bay Beach Rd, past the Zippin Pippin roller coaster. To find SOUTH BAY, take HWY I-43 to exit #187 (Webster Ave), go north to Irwin St. and take a left on Irwin, which then turns into Bay Beach Rd. We are the last entrance on the right. Look for the SOUTH BAY Marina sign.

When you enter the marina follow the signs that say Green Bay Sail & Paddle.


Classes may be canceled and/or rescheduled at the discretion of Green Bay Sail & Paddle Inc. (“GBSP”) due to weather conditions and/or general concern of the participants and/or any and all Green Bay Sail & Paddle Inc. staff and volunteers.  Classes that do not meet the minimum number of registrants may be rescheduled.  GBSP will attempt to notify all registrants by email and/or telephone of cancellations 24 to 48 hours prior to commencement.