Boy Scouts of America

Boy Scout Merit Badge Day June 29, 2019

This is a one day event in which Boy Scouts can participate in activities towards the completion of the Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge. To see a list of activities they will participate in please click the appropriate merit badge logo below.

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BSA Swimmer Test

$40 per person 
Boy Scout Camping Weekend August 23rd - August 25th, 2019 ***New This Year!!!***

Do you like camping in the fall, by the water and under the stars? Does your troop?  We sure do!!  Would you or your troop like to be a part of history?  Join us this year for our Camping Weekend and you can do both!!  This event is open to all BSA Scouts who have reached the age of 10.5 or have completed 5th grade. Campers will be the first to camp on Renard Island. Scouts will be able to choose five (5) merit badges/awards, from the list below, to complete throughout the weekend.  Choices must be made during registration.

***NOTE:  Scout campers may NOT be dropped off for this event with out adult supervision.  Any Scout camper found to be in attendance with out an adult responsible for them will be asked to leave the event imediately. ***

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Small Boat Sailing: BSA Swimmer Test
Kayaking: BSA Swimmer Test
Woodworking & Leatherwork: Totin' Chip (these two merit badges will be completed together in one session)
Weather: Requirement No. 10 (may be completed after camping weekend)
Astonomy: Requirement No. 5b

NOVA Award: Requirement No. 1 & No. 2 (Small Boat Sailing & Kayaking completed this weekend will count for No. 2 as long as they are completed prior to class)

Scout Camping: $120 per person
Scout Camping (Early-bird Registration through July 1st): $100 per person

Adult Camping (non-Volunteer): $120.00 per person
Adult Camping (non-Volunteer) (Early-bird Registration through July 1st): $100.00 per person
Adult Camping (Volunteer): $75.00 per person
Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Woodworking Merit Badge
Leatherwork Merit Badge
Astronomy Merit Badge
Kayaking Merit Badge
Weather Merit Badge
NOVA Start Your Engines Award

** To see requirements for the above merit badges simply click on the bagde you would like more information on.**


  Girl Scouts 

Girl Scout Sailing Day June 20th and August 20th, 2019

We will be hosting to Girl Scout sailing events this summer!!!  Both sessions will be based off our Intro to Sailing programing and will be tailored to each scout based on their sailing abilities. For more information on the skills the girls will learn click here.

Registration for now open for our June 20th and August 20th events.  Registrations for these events will be done through the Girl Scout of the Northwestern Great Lakes website.  For a list of items to bring for each event please follow the links below.

June 20th - Intro to Sailing

August 20th - Intro to Sailing

** To see requirements for the above merit badges simply click on the bagde you would like more information on.**