Scouts BSA

Scout Merit Badge Weekend - August 21 - 22, 2021

This event will be located at South Bay Marina in Green Bay, WI. 

This event is open to all BSA Scouts who have reached the age of 10.5 or have completed 5th grade.  Merit badge choices must be made during registration. Scouts will be randomly placed in the merit badges of their choice based on availability and should not expect to be with other members of their troop. Scouts may not attend this event without a responsible adult in attendance with them for the entire weekend.

Here is a shortlist of some of the changes that you should expect for this year's event:
  • non-vaccinated scouts, leaders, parents shall wear face mask or buff or other spectators while indoors and within close proximity of each other onshore
  • parents and spectators will be limited at all merit badge stations
  • social distancing will be strictly enforced
  • Tenting: Scouts will sleep 1 per tent unless sharing a tent with a member of their household. That member of the household shall be within 2 years of age. Parents are not allowed to share a tent with a Scout at the Scouts BSA level.
  • BSA national Covid FAQ
  • Baylake Council Covid updates
  • BSA youth protection guidelines and tenting policies
  • Leadership: Scouts must attend the event under the supervision of an adult. The volunteers of the merit badge weekend will help make the event safe and fun for all who attend, but we cannot accept responsibility for the overnight care of youth. Please make arrangements for your Scout to attend with a leader or parent who will be attending the weekend. Spoiler alert, this weekend is fun for adults too! Please contact us with questions about responsible leadership prior to registration. We will have to turn away unsupervised youth.
***NOTE:  All Scouts must be checked in and out of this event by an adult responsible for them for this weekend event. Every scout, parent, other spectators, and volunteer must have and wear proper face coverings, when applicable, and practice social distancing.  Any scout, parent, other spectators, or volunteer who presents with symptoms of COVID-19 will be asked to leave immediately and shall NOT be entitled to a refund.  Any scout, parent, or volunteer who does NOT comply with any and all safety policies and procedures will be asked to leave immediately and shall NOT be entitled to a refund.***

Scout: $120.00 
Adult Volunteer: $75.00
Adult Non-Volunteer: $120.00 

*Online Registration closed.  If you would still like to register for this event, then please contact us for availability at  

2021 Camping Weekend Merit Badges & Prerequisites: 
Small Boat Sailing: BSA Swimmer Test
        * Advanced Small Boat Sailing: BSA Swimmer Test, Completed Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Kayaking: BSA Swimmer Test
        * Advanced Kayaking: BSA Swimmer Test, Completed Kayaking Merit Badge
Wood Carving: Achieve Totin' Chip
Composite Materials: None
Engineering: Requirement Number 2 & 3
NOVA - Next Big Thing: Requirement Number 1 & 5

** Note: The following is a complete list of all merit badges Green Bay Sail & Paddle offers or are currently offering at our merit badge events.  Not all merit badges are offered at each event.  For more information on what merit badges are being offered at a particular event, please look for details under each event.
Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge
Woodworking Merit Badge
Leatherwork Merit Badge
Astronomy Merit Badge
Model Design and Building Merit Badge
NOVA Start Your Engines Award
Composite Materials Merit Badge
Wood Carving Merit Badge
Kayaking Merit Badge
Weather Merit Badge
Engineering Merit Badge
NOVA Next Big Thing

** To see requirements for the above merit badges, simply click on the badge you would like more information on.**


  Girl Scouts 

The Summer 2021 Girl Scout Intro to Sailing dates are:

June 29th - 9am to Noon
August 19th - 9am to Noon

Registration for these classes will be through the Girl Scouts of the Northwestern Great Lakes.  To register, click here.   Due to COVID restrictions, space may be limited.

If your troop would like to schedule a private event, or if you would like to do some STEM programing with us, please reach out to us directly at or call us at (920) 393-1983. We hope to see you on the water this summer!!

** To see requirements for the above merit badges, simply click on the badge you would like more information on.**